a last goodnight

okay just got home and im wide awake. so decided to waste some time here.. how fun (yes im being facetious)

i just read an entry of the sweetest boy ever and you know what? damn all the girls who find amazing guys.

my expectations are way too high. i realize that more and more everyday. but tell me, whats wrong with wanting an amazing boy to fall in love with you? amazing has nothing to do with looks or money or anything. just give me a guy who doesnt lie to my face or can seem to not have sex with every decent girl. give me a protector. one who doesnt want my heart to break or the one who says the sweetest words just so i can feel my heart ache. and and and i want passion. a boy that cant get enough.someone who knows id rather hear i miss you than i love you. an amazing boy who doesnt make me compete because im what he wants.. the boy i can call in the middle of the night just because i need a voice to whisper me to sleep.....

but again, my expectations are too high. this is not a reality for me.

cuddleslut3 at 4:01 a.m.

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